"From the lone shieling of the  misty island
Mountains divide us, and the waste  of seas
Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland,
And we in dreams behold the Hebrides"


Some time on your hands?

Give some serious thought to your coffee and tea. You're going to be spending a lot of time together.

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Lightest Victoria Sponge Ever

This deliciously light and fluffy all-together Victoria Sponge is quick, simple and guaranteed to melt in the mouth.  All ingredients are added at one time and whizzed on full power.  For more recipes go to our recipe page here. 

The New Season is Unfolding

...which means baking, baking and more baking. Which is fine, because we love baking.  Meanwhile, some CUSTOMER FEEDBACK from last season.



Whenever we highlight baking as "Gluten Free' or 'Dairy Free", customers fortunate enough not to suffer from allergies often read it as something to be avoided; "Gluten-free? Oh I didn't realise - may I have the other one?" they'll say, pointing to anything else. 

The truth is that in a blind-taste-test it's unlikely that any of us would be able to tell the difference. The removal of products that have an adverse effect on those with an intolerance to them only helps them - it doesn't make our cakes taste any less delicious. At best, it simply means we've put extra effort into providing baking that may be more easily shared.

And so, this year we will craftily disguise our Gluten Free and Dairy-Free cakes by putting a discrete (GF) and (DF) sticker on a corner of the price label. No fuss. No finger-pointing.  Those who need to know will know and those who don't - well, they still get to have their cake and eat it. 



This tiny shop next to the CalMac ferry terminal served some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! Ideal for a quick stop off while exploring the island


Great coffee and scone! Cosy and warm - open Sunday. Great small selection of gifts if you need and laundry next door.


Fabulous small cafe near the pier. Super friendly efficient staff. Great coffee freshly ground.Absolutely delicious home baked cakes. What more could one wish for a coffee stop.

Ethical Retailing

Ethical retailing is at the core of Yellow Hare’s ethos.  We strive to reduce waste, increase awareness, avoid plastic where practicable and keep packaging to a minimum.  We try to source our products locally; our 100% recyclable pyramid tea bags are from The Wee Tea Company in Dunfermline, our coffee is from Thomson’s in Glasgow, our 100% compostable cups and lids are from Vegware in Edinburgh, and 90% of our gifts are hand-made in Scotland, many of them unique to Yellow Hare.   We use paper tissue wrapping, paper bags, paper straws, and cardboard coffee cup clings, and we offer free filtered tap water because we don’t sell bottled water.  We are phasing out plastic bottles this year and replacing them with more environmentally friendly options.  Our baking is all home made locally and most of it is gluten free throughout summer. All our snacks are vegan, including the chocolate bars. We provide full fat, skimmed, soya, and  sweetened and unsweetened almond milk. 

Yellow Hare, Gott Pier, Isle of Tiree PA77 6TN  Registered Company No. SC477453

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