Brief snippets of what's happening at Yellow Hare

CHUTNEY'S AND JAMS We are working on a range of chutneys and jams to add to our home made raspberry jam and lemon curd. Hopefully this will be up and running soon and in time for the shop re-opening.  BACK TO HOME PAGE


When will the shop reopen? Yellow Hare will re open on MONDAY 3RD MAY. General travel within Scotland, including the islands, is permissible from 27th April.   BACK TO HOME PAGE

RECIPE IDEAS Our Recipe Page offers easy tried and tested recipes that should take between 10 and 20 minutes.  We'll be adding tIps and tricks to this soon.  If you have any, do share them and we'll pop it on the page.  BACK TO HOME PAGE

NEW BAKES One of the good things about lockdown and having to stay home is the opportunity to try new recipes.  Our latest biscuit range of authentic custard creams, bourbons and jammie dodgers have proven very popular.   BACK TO HOME PAGE

ALLERGIES We can't advertise anything on our baking pages as 'gluten-free' 'nut-free' or 'suitable for vegetarians or vegans' because our baking is not made in a controlled environment.  It is made in a normal kitchen at home, and whilst the kitchen may be as sterile as we can make it, we can't discount the possibility of gluten or nut traces being on implements, and even when we specifically aim to provide these things, we can't guarantee their authenticity. At best, all we can do is provide a list of ingredients use. BACK TO HOME PAGE

STORING CAKES Sponges last quite well in tins but shouldn't be kept in the fridge. Chocolate traybake (millionaire's, tiffin, rocky road, mint slice) will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks (in a tin) and also freeze well if double-wrapped to keep airtight.  Biscuits have a shorter lifespan, particularly those with filling, and should only be stored in a tin or tupperware.   BACK TO HOME PAGE

NEW DESIGNS Our new ceramic range includes the Hearts & Minds and Series 1-8 fine-lip china mugs and coasters.  Coming soon is a new textile range that will include cushions, scarfs and aprons, currently planned for summer.  Last year was tough on all businesses and there will not be much improvement this year which, for us, means cutting back on stock yet again as we try to maintain the perilous balance between generating income whilst meeting financial commitments. BACK TO HOME PAGE

SENDING A GIFT? We often send cake boxes for birthdays and other celebrations.  Please, please provide the date in the 'Gift Note' box provided so that we don't send it too early or too late. It is very easy to arrange deliveries to arrive on time, regardless of how long in advance orders are received. BACK TO HOME PAGE

TRAVELLING TO TIREE and other Scottish islands will be possible from MONDAY 26 APRIL when all of Scotland will move to Tier 3. The Tier system, our opening hours and the ferry timetable can be found on our HOUSEKEEPING page. BACK TO HOME PAGE

OUR INGREDIENTS We try to use the best ingredients available within our budget without using budget-based ingredients and whilst we won’t always get it right, sourcing and choosing these ingredients is a never-ending quest on which we embark naturally and regularly.  We don’t use chocolate chips, we use callets; we don’t buy mixed fruit, we mix it ourselves; cocoa powder has to be at least 96% and dark chocolate 70% cocoa. There isn’t a single source for all things.  Two of our favourite sites are, a Musselburgh-based company we’ve been using for a while now which cares about the source of what it provides, and to help us keep track. We find out new things almost daily. BACK TO HOME PAGE

THE LAUNDERETTE The shower and launderette are now fully operational .  Information on Service Washes can be found on the website.  BACK TO HOME PAGE

COMING OUT OF LOCKDOWN  26 April: mainland scotland and islands at level 4 are expected to move to level 3.  Islands at level three (Tiree) will remain there until 17 May. Travel to the islands will be permitted. 17 May: all of Scotland will move to level 2. June (early): all of Scotland will move to level June (late): all of Scotland will move to level 0.  PAGE BACK TO HOME PAGE

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