Yellow Hare 4 Preserves Gift Set

Yellow Hare 4 Preserves Gift Set


Gift Set of 4 additive and preservative-free Yellow Hare jams and brandy butter.  Will last up to 3 months after opening.  Once opened, store in fridge:


Brandy Butter (8oz)

Christmas Jam (8oz)

Lemon Curd (8oz)

Raspberry Jam (8oz)


Gift wrapped in presentation box with optional gift card.



Brandy Butter: Brandy, butter, sugar

Christmas Jam: Sugar, Raspberries, Cranberries, Cinammon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Apple, Orange

Raspberry Jam: Raspberries, Sugar

Lemon Curd: Lemons, Eggs, Sugar

Yellow Hare, Gott Pier, Isle of Tiree PA77 6TN  Registered Company No. SC477453