Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Box


Create your own festive custom-gift box from the selection on our drop-down menu. Personalise it with a gift message on our limited edition cards, and we'll do the rest!  Gift-wrapped in a festive box.  May be pre-ordered for despatch in December. 


Yellow Hare suet-free Christmas Pudding in two sizes.  


The smaller puddings are paler because they take less cooking time and don't develop that rich, dark colour we associate with Christmas Pud, but they contain the same ingredients and are every bit as delicious as their larger, darker couterparts.


Choose one from each of the following options:

Item 1:

Christmas Cake (10cm / 4") *SOLD OUT*

Dundee Cake (15cm / 6")

Yule Log

Item 2:

2 Mince Pies

Christmas Pudding for One (1/4 pint / 140ml)

250g Yellow Hare Coffee

Item 3 (Preserves):

Christmas Jam

Brandy Butter

Lemon Curd

Raspberry Jam



PUDDINGS AND CAKE: Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, mixed fruit, spices, apples, almonds, alcohol (brandy and orange-based).

DUNDEE CAKE: Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, mixed fruit, almonds, glace cherries

YULE LOG: Flour, Sugar, Margarize, Eggs, Cocoa Powder (40%), Dark Chocolate, Cream.

RASPBERRY JAM: Raspberries, Sugar

LEMON CURD: Lemons, eggs, sugar

CHRISTMAS JAM: Raspberries, Cranberries, Clove, Sugar, Cinnamon

BRANDY BUTTER: Butter, Sugar, Brandy, Orange (trace)

Did you choose coffee?

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