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Our Cafe & Gift Shop on Tiree is

Open DAILY from 10am - 3pm, Sunday 11-3


Tel: 01897 220440 



We spend a great deal of time sourcing small-independent producers of beautiful things for our gift shop.  From the Isle of Lewis to Devon, all are from the UK, with 95% based in Scotland.  Inspiring, unique and of the highest quality, our gifts are made in small quantities which means lots of what we do won't be found anywhere else.  And we like that. 

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All The Tea in China

At Yellow Hare your tea (and Flat White) is served in bone china donated by customers, most of which originates from Tiree. There is something about sipping tea from a china cup, whether it is nostalgia, comfort, luxury or a combination of all three.  Most of our china has spent a lifetime on the island stretching back 120 years.  Hover over the images below to see details of the owner and the age of the teaset.

Our China Story

If you happen to be on the island and visit our cafe you will see a more detailed description displayed on our wall at Yellow Hare.  This board, which is almost three metres long, tells you the family member who donated the china to Yellow Hare and who originally owned it, providing a snapshot of a bygone age. Some of the tea sets would have been handed down from previous generations whilst others were wedding gifts or gifts brought back by sons or husbands in the Merchant Navy.

Whilst we take the greatest care with these gorgeous pieces, it is understood that when you donate your china to us, you are biding farewell to it and that it may well be broken.  Of course we hope not, but it does happen.  We do think, however, that there can be no better way to 'go' than being used and admired as intended.  The items in our care have no monetary value.  Despite their age, china tea sets are still very common because so many of us find ourselves unable to part with them due to their sentimental value.  We feel quite honoured to be the custodians of such a beautiful range of bone china and hope that you enjoy drinking from it as much as we enjoy using it.

All The Tea in China
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Our first five years: 2018-2023

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Yellow Hare 2023

Try our cocktails, wine and champagne

Our  coffee machine is calibrated daily to produce the perfect balance and flavour of our rich, dark coffee.

This Is What We Do

Yellow Hare is a small independent cafe and gift shop on the Isle of Tiree in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland from which we sell a range of hand-made gifts as well as delicious coffee, our own home-baking, extremely tasty all-vegan Bross bagels, made-to-order pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, wine and cocktails.  We are open all year round with reduced hours over winter.


We strive to maintain ethical practices naturally by using fully compostable cups and cornstarch lids, paper wrapping and bags, keeping packaging to a minimum and avoiding plastic where possible and practicable. We try to source our products locally from Tiree or Scotland or UK, in that priority order and without compromising quality.  More than 90% of our gifts are hand-made with many unique to Yellow Hare. Our baking is all home made and offers a wide variety of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options. Various milk alternatives include oat, soya, coconut and almond. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. 

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The SHOWER ROOM and Public Launderette are both accessible 24h. You will need powder and change for the machines (accepts £1, 50p, 20p, 10p coins).  Large machine (supering duvet) is £8.  Smaller machine (12kilo) is £5. Super hot dryers are £1.50 for 4 and 5 minutes. 

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