Yellow Hare Make and Bake Recipes

Our series of simple yet delicious make-and-bake recipes are all guaranteed to hit the spot whilst taking very little effort at all. The key to all recipes here is simplicity and ease.  On a difficulty-scale of 1 - 10, each of these recipes is a 2.  It assumes that the baker will know fundamentals such as the tools to use, that tins ought to be pre-greased and lined (including those that claim to be non-stick) and that the oven should be turned on before you begin.  Additionally, all ingredients for these recipes ought to be readily available from your local shop, wherever you may be.  

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Bournon Biscuits

Simple, six-ingredient chocolate bourbons, prepped in less than 5 minutes.

Lightest Victoria Sponge Ever

This deliciously light and fluffy all-together Victoria Sponge is quick, simple and guaranteed to melt in the mouth.  All ingredients are added together and whizzed on full power. 

Famously fabulous flapjacks

Our famously delicious Flapjacks take less than 10 minutes to prepare although they need an hour in the fridge after cooking to let them harden (don't be tricked into thinking they are crunchy ... they are extremely chewy). CRUCIAL to carefully mark out the portions BEFORE the tray goes cold and then cut them properly AFTER the tray has set. The tray will be too soft to cut into portions when it is hot, and too hard to slice cleanly when it is fully set.


Easy-Peasy Mmmmmmince Pies

These easy-peasy mince pies take no time at all and are not only delicious but nut and suet-free, which makes them ideal for vegetarians and nut-allergy sufferers .


Fabulous Florentines


Crumbly Custard Creams


Chunky Chocolate Macaroons


Easy Empire Biscuits


10-second clips on consistency.

How to knead pastry by hand (with egg added)

Kneading shortcrust pastry with egg by hand

Dropping consistency of Victoria Sponge mix

Dropping consistency of Victoria sponge mix

Rubbing butter and flour to 'breadcrumb' consistency

Rubbing flour and butter together for 'breadcrumb' consistency 

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