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Yellow Hare is opposite the ferry terminal at Gott Pier, sometimes obscured by vehicles​, but always open at ferry times. We are open all year round.


Although coffee is our speciality we also do a range of speciality teas, smoothies, cocktails, Bross bagels and lots of home-baking. 

We stock a wide range of tasteful island-themed gifts which may also be purchased online and mailed first-class to your door.  

Adjoining the shop is PIER LAUNDRY, a self-service, coin-operated laundrette and a coin-operated shower, both of which are accessible 24 hours per day. You will need to provide your own towels, soap, and change. 

The shop is small with very limited seating inside however there is seating for 80 outside, which works well in fair weather. We often get complimented on our coffee and the cosiness of our sofa-seating area, and our hot-chocolate deluxe is a must-try for chocolate-lovers.

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