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For those with an urge to buy-buy-buy...


...please consider the following suppliers at the peak of your hysteria:

ALL can DELIVER - hastily and without fuss OR hiked up prices! Click on the red to visit their page:

Candles of Tiree You never know when there could be a power cut to add to everything else and the aroma of these calming blends may very well prevent hyper-ventilation.

Dot Sim ... it's important to look and feel good about yourself, even if no-one can see you and Dot does outstandingly gorgeous jewellery.

Eilean Soaps - being in isolation is not an excuse to forgo the soap; and now you can't use empty shelves as an excuse either. Keep smelling sweet and healthy with these soaps made from all-natural products.

Tiree Tea - we all know the importance of tea in a crisis. Enough said!

Tyree Gin ...because the consequences of one's pre-tea G&T running out just don't bear thinking about.

Welan-Tiree hand knitted hats. Something to keep you cosy-warm when you have to brave the emptiness around you to milk a cow for that all-precious Tiree Tea.

Yellow Hare - right here on this website. Bag yourself a mug, grab some of our deliciously popular coffee beans, fly that flag, then sit back and use some of the endless isolation time browsing gift ideas.

*Whilst much of this is tongue-in-cheek and the virus is not life-threatening for the great majority of us, we know it remains potentially dangerous for some and of course must be treated seriously. Do take care. If in doubt, don't go out.

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